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Laer Group (Dallas, TX ACDBE/DBE/MBE/HUB) is a Project Management Construction Company that provides full construction services for aviation, stadium, hospitality and other commercial customers. We carry in-house licensing for electrical, mechanical, fire alarm and security systems. Our unique experience makes us the ideal partner for customers and projects that require an in-depth, hands-on understanding of today’s most demanding and complex projects. Building Construction is part of our daily lives and we can make this part of your project a success. Our professional certifications give us an advantage over the competition. We offer total project solutions. This expertise combined with our focus on customer service and high quality work makes us a successful and valuable partner with our customers.  We invite you to review our qualifications and see why our expertise is just right for your needs. We are prepared to work for you and show you and your organization the advantage of working with a well-prepared company to help you accomplish your goals on time and under budget.

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